Dragon City for PC & Windows 2020 [Download & Install]

We will be looking at how to download and install Dragon City for PC / Mac and on Windows. In the article, we discussed in detail all the steps to play Dragon City for PC.

Dragon city game is firstly introduced by a social point that was launched to play on Facebook. This game is a social network kind of game. This game was launched on May 8, 2012, and became available for download on iOS in 2013. The game was made available for download on Intel Atom on android in August 2014. Dragon city game targets mostly mid-core players, providing them the opportunity to increase their dragons and make a dragon city on a floating island.

Further, dragon city games can easily be downloaded on a computer, laptop, and various windows.

Characters of Dragon City Game

All the characters are encountered during the whole storyline. Characters assist you by completing goals and congratulate you when you get the goals. Deus is a single character that can be visited in his city. Dragon city game contains overall five characters whose name are  Dragon master Deus, Nefus, Aurelia the fairy queen, old wise dragon Parsival and the Unicorn cortesia.

Necessary Tricks to Play Dragon City

Dragon City is a game in which players employ as an official caretaker of Dragon utopia. Finding all the latest manners of Dragon, preparing them for war and breeding them along with all the world players.

Here are a few important tricks:

  • You have to make sure that you know all the important elemental Dragons. Every dragon comes in-game fit below a specific elemental class.
  • Check the list of elements that exist such as, ice, metal, electric, flame, legend, dark War and many more.
  • You will find many other kinds of dragons instead of elemental ones.
  • Besides elemental Dragons, there are three other classifications of dragons such as; hybrid dragons, Rare hybrid Dragons and exclusive Dragons. You have to keep knowledge about these Dragons as well
  • Further, if you have less amount of gold then set lower times for food.
  • Remember all the dragon transformations. You have to keep an eye on the breeding of dragons’ eggs.
  • Try to utilize your gems to get the ultra breeding tree.
  • Check all the ways that will earn you a good amount of gold.

Download & Install Dragon City Game for PC

Dragon City is a game in which you can breed dragons. Further while playing it you can make contact with your friends while using different apps on the desktop. If you are looking for Dragon City Mod APK .

You can download the dragon city for your PC by following the given method below.

Installation Process

Dragon city game can be downloaded easily from the internet without any charges. You will need an LD player to download this game on your PC.

Furthermore, follow a few steps to install dragon city in your PC:

  • Firstly, download the LD player installer on your computer.
  • Next, you have to run the installer and complete the installation setup.
  • On the third step, you need to open the LD PLAYER and search for the dragon city game while using the search bar.
  • All you have to do is to install the dragon city game from the LD store.
  • Once the installation process is done, click on the dragon city game icon to launch the dragon game.
  • Now, you can enjoy the dragon city game on your PC with the help of an LD player.

Download Dragon City Game on Laptop

Dragon city game firstly introduced by a social point that was launched to play on Facebook. You can enjoy this game by installing it on your laptop as well. Dragon city game is available on the internet so you can install it on your laptop by following the few steps.

Installation Process

You can install a dragon city by using the blue stacks app player on your laptop.

  • Step one, install the BlueStacks on your laptop.
  • After installing click my app button in the emulator.
  • Do search for the dragon city game
  • You will find results of the search for the game app just install it.
  • Then you have to log in to your Google account to download apps from Google play on blue stacks.
  • When you login the installation process will start for dragon city game with concern to your internet connection speed.
  • Lastly, you have loading problems with blue stacks software then install the Microsoft.net framework to your laptop.

Install Dragon City on Windows 7 / 8.1

Dragon city game opens up your eyes to a complete fresh mystical world of animated colorful dragons. Become the dragon master as you collect dragon eggs and breed and train the Dragon for an epic battle.

You can download the dragon city game for window 7/8 and relate yourself with your friends while playing the game with the assistance of your desktop.

Install Dragon City on Windows

Dragon City Game Features

Here are a few features of dragon city, which you can enjoy by downloading it for window 7/8:

The modern features make you become the hero and take the dragons back towards the city. if you have resources, there will be most monumental expansion ever. Further, from resolving the tiny bugs, you can lastly expand the platinum to get a benefit. While crafting with crystal extract and mines provides you magical sort of shapes of your dragon’ s habitat.

All these features you can get by downloading dragon city for window 7/8.

Get a peek

You can stay connected with your friends from the famous cell phone apps even at your PC. Keep on using the apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Snapchat about what’s up with your dragon city collection. In this way, you can also demand from your buddies to download the dragon city game for window 7/8.

Uptown the world

Constant nurturing needed for monstrous creatures that dwell at the dragon city. The mechanics of the game are similar like usual farming play adding likable dragons. You will have thrill while playing games while hatching the eggs as you harvest your crops from farm games. The next interesting element is a new twist at the time when you crossbreed and anticipate the output.

Similar Pattern 

At this stage, the task is very easy, as you don’t contain any chores to do. Dragon city is just similar to an island whose task is to float on the sky. You will become richer by having a fine Dragon which will produce more coins. After every six-hour, there will be an opportunity to join the battle, which will allow you to perform multiple tasks between your real work at the PC as the dragon is waiting to occur.

Installation Process

At the time, when you will download dragon city game for window 7/8 your original task is never compromised.

In the end, you can run the famous apps on your PC with Any android app emulator.

Here are a few steps:

  • You have to download and install the Andy app. There should be virtualization enabled in the BIOS settings and confirm that the PC is containing advanced video drivers.
  • At step two, open up the Andy application and perform the sign-up process. If you have the Google account, that can be used.
  • Step three includes, open the Google Play and start searching for Dragon city game and install it by using instructions.
  • Step four, once the game is installed, it is ready to use, and you can now get all the advanced and attractive features of this app from PC.

Install Dragon City Game on Windows 10

Install Dragon City Game on Windows 10

Dragon city game in which you can breed your Dragon in an amazing world of the magical island. You can download it for your PC for window 10.

There are few programs for query dragon city download and installation for window 10.

  • You can use the Dragon internet browser is free to use based on chromium.
  • The next one is a comodo ice dragon Firefox-based web browser with extra private and performance-based enhancement.


We have explained how you can install and download the dragon city game for your computer, laptop, window 7/8 and window 10. Dragon City is a game that was launched by social point. Further, we have explained the best method so you can use it without any hesitation.

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