Dragon City Unlimited Gems 2020 [Food,Gold]

In this article, we will guide how you can get Dragon City Unlimited Gems and Gold. With Unlimited Gems and Gold you can feed and train your dragon. Or you can get best dragon with these gems or gold.

Dragon City game is a game in which you manage an entire island filled with dragons and their habitats. You feed the dragons and let them fight against other dragons. This game also allows you to give or sell resources by visiting your friends’ dragon cities through Game Center, Facebook, or Google Play connection.

You need to create an eco-system that should include food, fire, water, and other essentials to breed and nurture your baby dragons. All this requires tons of in-game currency, which is in the form of Gold Coins and Gems. In this guide, you will get to know how to get Dragon City Unlimited Gems [food, gold].

How to earn Gold in Dragon City?

There is a need for in-game currency such as Gold to buy dragons of diverse elements and to upgrade the existing dragons. The easiest way to earn Gold is to build habitats where you can earn plenty of money among the various habitats through fire and water. There are many other ways to earn Gold, such as upgrading the habitats regularly.

How to acquire Gems?

The in-game currency Gems are the special money and are difficult to earn. You have to complete various quests if you want to earn a smaller amount of Gems. When you reach the new level of the game, you get limited amounts of Gems as a reward. The other way of earning Gems is to subscribe to the game’s social media accounts. If you want to get an unlimited amount of Gems, you can use Dragon City cheats.

Dragon City Get Free Gems

If you want to get free gems, then you can follow the following steps.

Log-in Every Day

You get free dragon city gems in the game if you log in daily, or you can do login several times every day.

Dragon City on Social Media

You also earn gems when you simply subscribe to Dragon City’s various social media platforms. The Dragon City social media pages, which gives you more rewards of gems by using them include:

Facebook Daily Calendar

There is a reward scheme for Dragon City on Facebook names as Daily Calendar started in January 2019. These rewards include Food, Gold, and Gems. You just have to check daily and collect the rewards of the day. If you want to get more gems, then you should participate in the Dragon City Facebook Roulette you might end up winning 50 Gems, absolutely Free.

Monday Reward Bonus

The player who uses PC gets an additional Monday Reward Bonus every week. There are three buttons you get to click every Monday; every one of them has some price; it’s your luck; you can get a high price too. The following rewards are there on those three buttons:

  • Reward Number 1

It’ possible that you may get Elementary Dragons.

  • Reward Number 2

You may get 5,000 Gold coins on clicking on either button.

  • Reward Number 3

You may get 5 Gems by simply clicking on a button.

  • Deus Daily Bonus

There is a mini-game within Dragon City names as Deus Daily Bonus. There are cards you need to select a card which has a reward in it. The players who stay logged-in for 24-hour days can play this game.

  • Freebie Island

Freebie Island is on the mobile front where you can earn free Gems and Gold by completing simple tasks. The task includes watching videos, trying out a beta App, or taking a survey.

Invite Friends to Play Dragon City

You can also earn gems by simply inviting your friends to play Dragon City. When you invite your friend from Dragon City’s main App, you can earn your reward. For the reward, your friends have to accept the invite and also have to play the game past Level 15.

Take Part in Dragon City Quests

You get some gems after completing each quest. The reward increases each time you complete a quest.

Play the Game

You will earn the Gems by playing the game, which includes lots of battles and challenges to play.

Participate in PVP or Combat

There is a dragon league named PVP where you have to fight other players’ dragons, and when you win, you get rewards. After eight wins in PVP, you earn 3-6 Gems, and this reward applies to players who use a mobile device. There are also rewards for the players playing on PC; they get 2 Gems for battling and winning against seven opponents.

Experience Points

Experience points are another way of earning free Gems. In this, you’ll earn coins on the Experience about this game. You have to level up to gain Experience for which you need Dragons to reach their full potential. The cheap way to level up is by growing loads of food. You can find food that grows fast and can be harvested without hassles such as Hot Dragon Chilies and Dragon Bells. When you breed, it will make you earn Experience.

Touching Jeweler’s Tower

Jeweller’s Tower unlocks at Level 12. There is an icon you have to touch it once every 24 hours, and you shall receive 1 Gem as a reward.

Play and Win Tournaments

You get 2 Gems for every tournament you win. It depends on your dragon that you can have two tournaments a day or not. You have to wait before getting into another battle.

Gems as Gifts

Your friends can gift you Gems in dire when you request them for some help. They can also gift you all kinds of things, including Food, Gold, and even Gems.

Completing the Dragon Book Collection

When the player completes a collection according to the Dragon Book Dragon City, then he gets the rewards, which can be a Gem reward.

Dragon City Mod Apk

You can get the Dragon City Mode app for the game here. Dragon City, which is a social networking game, released a few years ago. Later it was possible to have it in the Android platform with IOS. You can get unlimited gems, Gold, and food on your game account when you’ll download Dragon City Mode app

Features of Game

  • It includes unlimited gems
  • You’ll get unlimited Gold and Food
  • It is to unlock all dragons
  • You can get all the arrays unlocked
  • It is free to download
  • The APK model is compatible with all Android versions
  • It is very easy to install Dragon City Mod APK file
  • You get the automatic updates
  • There is also automatic synchronization with the game
  • You don’t t need to root Android device

Unlimited Gems Dragon City Mod APK

One of the most important and difficult resources in the game is to get Gems. You can get the Gems by the ways mentioned above in the article, such as by winning PVP’s fight, match, or opening the chest at the events of the game. If you want to buy the jewelry in your account, you can get it by using real money.

You can get unlimited gems by downloading the Dragon City Moded APK. You’ll not need to spend a lot of time to play games to get the best dragon. It is easy to become one of the best players in the game with this APK.

Unlimited Gold in Hunger Dragon

The thing that is useful most often in the game is usually Gold. There are many ways of getting Gold, such as by selling things, dragon, or dragon eggs. You can also get the Gold by winning a tournament in the bonus. There is a need for Gold to expand your space for buildings and residents. You can get almost unlimited Gold on your gaming account with Dragon City.

Unlock all dragons

You can unlock all the dragons in the game that you buy with gemstones or fertility with this APK mode. The following are some dragons that you can unlock from the Dragon City mod APK:

  • Bohemian Dragon
  • Dracon Dragon
  • Dual Dragon
  • Legacy Dragon
  • Super Star Dragon
  • Titan Dragon
  • Wind Dragon

Unlimited Gold and Dragons 

This gold and gems in Dragon City improves your gameplay better by which you can fight with your favorite kite. You need to spend a lot of time and money to become one of the best players, as it’s a popular game that calculates more than 100 million players. If you download the Dragon City APK, you get unlimited gems and Gold, which makes it able to enjoy all the features of the game. You can install and use the Mod APK. This model doesn’t get recognized by the game server. If you want to avoid spam, you can use it only for a limited time each day.

Wars and Achievements

One of the important goals of the Dragon City game is to collect the dragon and bring it as high as possible, which will make it able to take them out to fight with other dragons. You can increase your rank in leagues and tournaments in the game; you can play both PVP and PVE types. The achievements, including Gold, gems, and rare dragon prizes, cause to get these dragons. You can get all these resources for free with Dragon City .

Download and Install Guide

It is very easy to install the APK file as you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. You have to click on the download button of APK file which you can get online
  2. Wait for the APK file to download and then open it
  3. After downloading the file, you need to install the Dragon City APK file on your Android device
  4. You need to follow the instructions inside after installing
  5. Now start and Enjoy

You should make sure that you select the checkbox for permission to install sources other

Dragon City APK for Gems

The following site provides you many links through which you can download Gems for your game, which will help you to play the game.

Dragon City Cheat Codes

The following link provides you with the codes of each dragon of the dragon city game with the information, including hatching time, breeding time, category, price, and much more. These codes help buy the dragon to play the game.


This article is all about the dragon city, which includes tricks for gems and golds. You can get unlimited gems and Gold by downloading the APK model of dragon city. The APK mode provides you with a lot of benefits, including unlocking of dragons, gems, Gold, and much more. The article includes information for downloading the APK mode easily. You just need to follow those instructions to download the APK Mode of the dragon city game.

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